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Canada: Don’t sacrifice Indigenous rights for a hydro-electric dam

A huge hydro-electric dam could sweep away precious lands used by Indigenous peoples in the Peace River Valley

It’s been over 100 years since Helen Knott’s great-great grandfather signed a treaty with the government of Canada to protect his people’s way of life. Instead of honouring that promise, the government has authorized a massive hydro-electric dam that threatens Indigenous cultures and ways of life in the Peace River Valley, British Columbia.

Indigenous peoples in the region have already lost much of their land to oil and gas drilling. If the multi-billion dollar Site C dam goes ahead, they will lose one of the last areas where they still hunt, fish and carry out sacred ceremonies.

The government approved the dam, despite finding that it would cause permanent harm to Indigenous peoples in the area.

Now, Indigenous peoples from the West Moberly and Prophet River First Nations have gone to court, insisting that the Canadian government stand by the treaty promise made over a century ago, and stop building Site C.

Sign our petition to the Prime Minister of Canada:

I urge you to halt the Site C dam, and honour Canada’s obligations to respect and protect the rights of Indigenous peoples in the Peace River Valley, British Columbia.

If built, this huge hydroelectric project will drown over 80km of the Peace River Valley, destroying lands vital to Indigenous hunting and fishing and sweeping away grave sites.

Over 100 years ago, the Canadian government signed a treaty, promising to protect the way of life of Indigenous peoples in the region. Prime Minister Trudeau, please don’t break that promise.