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Xulhaz's killers are getting away with murder - act now

Being gay in Bangladesh is illegal - and even defending LGBTIQ rights is a dangerous job.

Xulhaz spoke out and defended the rights of LGBTI people. He founded Roopban, the first and only LGBTIQ magazine in Bangladesh and bravely stood up for the rights of LGBTIQ people in Bangladesh. But he and a colleague were brutally murdered last year by extremists.

What’s worse, the government has not brought his killers to justice. They are getting away with murder.

If the government properly investigated the murder of Xulhaz and brought his killers to justice, it would show the people who want to harm defenders of human rights in Bangladesh that they cannot get away with it.

We need to stand with rights defenders and make sure that the government condemns these attacks. Sign the petition and demand that the government of Bangladesh:

  • investigate the murder of Xulhaz and bring his killers to justice.

In recent years, there’s been a dramatic increase in the number of people being attacked in Bangladesh simply for their beliefs. If people are allowed to get away with murder, it will become an increasingly violent place to live. Help stop this now.

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