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Where is Idris Khattak?

Talia is desperately searching for her father. A human rights researcher, he was disappeared in Pakistan in November 2019. Join others in asking: where is Idris Khattak? 

Talia describes her father as selfless, loving and generous. The 55-year-old was often found in his backyard, tending to his garden and talking to his chickens. But he is also a dedicated human rights researcher, investigating enforced disappearances in Pakistan for organisations like Amnesty International. 

In a cruel twist of fate, he too was disappeared in November 2019. A witness describes his car being intercepted, and a black sack being thrown over his face. 

His daughter, Talia, decided to campaign for his whereabouts. Backed by Amnesty International, and supporters like you, public pressure worked. In June 2020, Pakistan authorities did something very rare - admitting that Idris was in their custody. 

They still won’t reveal where – Talia still hasn’t seen her father, nor has a lawyer. The authorities say they are charging him under the Official Secrets Act. If convicted, he could face a lengthy prison term or even a death sentence. 

“My father is not a casefile. He is a human being. We deserve answers and he deserves the protection of the law.” Talia Khattak 

Activism works. You can help re-unite Talia with her father. 

Call on Pakistan authorities to 

- Release Idris Khattak, unless there is sufficient and credible evidence that he has committed an internationally recognized offence, where he is remanded by a civilian court and is promptly granted a fair trial in line with international law and standards. 

- Grant him access to a lawyer and his family.