Where is Ibrahim Ezz El-Din?

As part of the worst crackdown on freedom of expression in Egypt’s recent history, young researcher Ibrahim Ezz El-Din was forcibly disappeared for 167 days. He is currently in prison, where is weak and frail – he says he was tortured during his detention.

26-year-old Ibrahim has been documenting forced evictions and calling for safe and affordable housing for all Egyptians.

On the night of 11 June 2019, plain clothed police took Ibrahim from the street near his home in Cairo. His family and lawyers enquired about him at the police station, but the authorities denied that he is in their custody and denied that he was detained at all. 167 days later, on 26 November 2019, Ibrahim was brought before the Supreme State Security Prosecution, where he said he was tortured during his degrading time in detention.

Ibrahim’s arrest is part of a broader government crackdown in Egypt, where anyone who speaks up against the government is at risk of being locked up without a fair trial. Activists, journalists, politicians, football fans, and artists have all been arrested or disappeared. They are branded as “terrorists” and “criminals” by the media, simply for peacefully expressing their opinions.

The Office of the Public Prosecutor has the power to reveal the fate and whereabouts of Ibrahim Ezz El-Din and bring those responsible for his disappearance to justice

Call on The Office of the Public Prosecutor to:

  • Release Ibrahim Ezz El-Din immediately and unconditionally
  • Pending his release, ensure that he has access to his lawyers and family and that he is protected from torture and other ill-treatment.
  • Open an investigation into Ibrahim’s enforced disappearance and the torture he has been subjected to and to bring all those responsile to justice


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