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Stop the harassment of social justice activist Nawal Benaissa

Nawal Benaissa spends her time speaking out for freedom and justice, while also being a full-time mum of four. She is a peaceful activist - but the authorities constantly harass her. Demand that Nawal is protected now.

In 2016, Nawal was inspired by the growing activism in the Rif region of Morocco, calling for social justice and an end to corruption. For the first time in her life, Nawal began attending peaceful protests. She loved the hope it gave her for a better future in her home town.

People were moved by her passion. In a matter of months, Nawal went from someone who had never participated in activism to leading protests, with 80,000 followers on Facebook. When she heard rumours that she might be arrested, she released a video on Facebook. She told people how she was not afraid of repression and insisted on her right to protest, announcing her plans to turn herself over to the police

Protect Nawal from harassment now and sign this petition.

Between June and September 2017, she was arrested and released four times. She was convicted to 10 months suspended sentence because of her peaceful protests.

Nawal and her children were forced to move to another city to escape harassment. Her husband stayed to work and support the family.  Despite constant harassment and surveillance, Nawal refuses to give up her activism. But she needs your support.

Sign now, calling on the Head of Government Saad-Eddine Al Othmani to stop the harassment of Nawal and her family.