Stop forcibly evicting the Sengwer people

The Sengwer people are being forced off their land. They are losing their homes, their livelihoods and their cultural identity – now someone has been killed. Help stop this now. 

The Sengwer Indigenous people have lived in the Embobut Forest in North Rift Valley of Kenya for centuries. It’s their ancestral land and they have a deep spiritual bond with the beautiful and vast forest. But the Kenyan government is brutally and illegally driving them off it, threatening their livelihoods and way of life.</>p

The government claims they are acting in the name of conservation, and that the Sengwer people are damaging the land - but there’s no evidence of this. As a result, thousands of people have been left without homes and many are now living in poverty.

The Sengwer people are determined to resist but as they do, they are being violently punished. Thousands of homes have been burnt to the ground and in January 2018, Robert Kirotich Kibor was shot dead.

“Could you please leave us in peace?  We will conserve the forest.” Sengwer man, estimated to be 110 years old

Sign the petition and call on the president of Kenya to stop this campaign of violence against the Sengwer people and allow them to live in peace in their ancestral home now.