Protect Pavitri Manjhi

Pavitri is an indigenous rights defender who is standing up to big corporations who are trying to take away her community’s land – but she faces threats and intimidation. Demand her protection now. 

Right now, businesses in Chhattisgarh, central India, are trying to take over land that belongs to an Adivasi Indigenous community so that they can make way for two power plants. Members of the community report that they were tricked into selling their land, and those that refused to sell faced threats and intimidation by agents acting on behalf of two private companies.

Pavitri is on the front line protecting her community’s land from being taken away. As head of her village council, she brought people together to file nearly 100 formal complaints against the companies, and for that she faces harassment.

Local ‘strongmen’ have repeatedly threatened her and asked her to withdraw all the complaints. However, even in the face of this danger, she refuses to stand down.

 “Our lives are dependent on our land.” – Pavitri Manjhi

Pavitri has turned to the police for protection. but so far little has been done. She is in danger and she needs protection now.

Sign the petition and demand the police protect Pavitri, so that she can live in safety and defend her community’s land from companies trying to take it.  

Together, we can stand with Pavitri and support her efforts to defend Indigenous rights.