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President Trump: Families need compassion, not more violence.

Migrate or die. Thousands of people from Central America, including families, have been forced to leave what they know and love to find safety and a better life for their children. They’ve walked for weeks towards the US to escape threats, violence, and grinding poverty – not out of choice, but because they had to. Now they need your help.

These people on the move are mothers, fathers, and children. They are human beings, like you, in search of safety and protection, so they can live and have a future.

But Donald Trump and his administration are working hard to make sure they can’t seek safety in the US. Trump has just issued a new rule that could even punish people for looking for protection in the US.

Trump has also said that US troops on the border would open fire against any migrant, for something as insignificant as throwing a rock. Using extreme force like this would mean death and despair for individuals, families and children who truly need protection right now.

Human rights don't depend on the document you hold or the nationality you have. They belong to everyone.

Sign this action to support the individuals and families seeking protection.

Don’t be silent, your voice can make a difference.

Campaign Closed

Thank you for supporting people seeking asylum. We have closed this action so we can prepare a stronger campaign to protect human rights in the Americas. When we unite in solidarity, compassion and respect, our actions are powerful. Thank you. Click below to take another action.

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