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USA: Stop punishing people seeking asylum

 ”You don’t have rights here. And you don’t have any rights to stay with your son” 

This is what US officers said to Valquiria when they were separating her from her son in the USA in March 2018. Valquiria came to the US to find protection. She is just one of the many cases that shocked people around the world when it was revealed that children were being separated from their parents – just for trying to enter the US.

Since assuming office, the Trump administration has implemented immigration policies that have caused irreparable harm to the lives of thousands of people.

Border authorities in the US have turned away people seeking asylum. Others are being locked up in detention facilities for years waiting to hear about whether they will be granted asylum.

Send a message to the Department of Homeland Security now and tell them to immediately stop punishing people for seeking asylum now.

People all around the world are standing up against these polices, and with enough pressure we have a chance to make sure that the Department of Homeland Security  stops punishing people seeking asylum.