USA: Free Alejandra and stop detaining asylum seekers

Alejandra is a transgender activist who has forced to flee El Salvador, only to be locked in a detention centre in the USA.

Alejandra has had to overcome many barriers and challenges as a transgender person who has spent the last decade fighting for the human rights of transgender people in El Salvador. On top of the daily discrimination, she faced extortion and attacks, including sexual assault by a gang, and by the El Salvadoran military. All of this forced to her to leave and seek a new life in the USA.

But instead finding safety and a chance to rebuild her life in freedom, Alejandra now faces a whole new challenge. The US government has been keeping her detained since the end of 2017, and has denied her request to be released on parole while waiting for the decision of an immigration judge on her asylum case.

Alejandra’s situation is not unique; there are many more transgender people seeking asylum in the United States, who are stuck waiting indefinitely in detention centres where they are at risk of ill-treatment because of their gender identity, medical needs, or trauma they have endured.

Sign this petition and help put pressure on immigration authorities of the USA to grant Alejandra parole and improve the treatment of people awaiting decisions on their asylum claims.

Demand that the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)

  • Immediately grant humanitarian parole to Alejandra while she awaits the decision on her asylum claim, including during any appeal.
  • Improve the health care provided at ICE’s privately operated Cibola detention facility, especially for those with acute medical needs.
  • Ensure asylum seekers are granted humanitarian parole whenever possible, especially when they are LGBTI or have acute medical needs.

Detention of asylum seekers should only be a last resort after all other options have been exhausted. Alejandra shouldn’t be behind bars, she should be free to do the life-changing work she has done for so many years.

Campaign Closed

Thank you for your support. This action is now closed, but there are many other people that urgently need your help. Each year, millions of people like you take action, standing up against human rights abuses all over the world. When we unite in solidarity, compassion and respect, our actions are powerful. Thank you.

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