Urgent: Drop all charges against Dr Stella Nyanzi

Dr Stella Nyanzi, a prominent academic, feminist and campaigner in Uganda, is at risk of imprisonment for insulting the President of Uganda on social media. Worse,    the Prosecution is also trying to force her to undergo a mental health examination, suggesting that mental health issues are the cause of her views.

On the 25 May 2017, the courts will decide whether or not Stella will be forced to undergo a mental health examination.

This is an attempt to silence Stella, who should not be punished for expressing her opinion.

We need to act now. Email the Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs and tell him:

  • To drop all Dr Stella Nyanzi’s charges immediately and unconditionally
  • Comply with Uganda’s Constitution and its regional and international human rights obligations to respect, protect and fulfil her right to freedom of expression;