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Protect Central American refugees from brutal violence

The so-called Central America Northern Triangle (Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala) is one of the most violent regions in the world outside a conflict zone. In 2015, 17,522 people were murdered in El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

More people died in El Salvador alone than in any country at war and Guatemala and Honduras are close behind, ranking among the top five most violent countries in Latin America. This growing violence is forcing people to flee their homes.

But what happens to these refugees then?

Most are deported back home to face the risks they ran from. Worryingly, between 2010 and 2015 the numbers of Hondurans, Guatemalans and Salvadorians deported from Mexico increased by %179 and this number is unlikely to fall soon. El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala are failing to provide support and protection to the thousands of people deported back every year and in practice, these governments are sentencing their own citizens to a life of suffering or death at home.

El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala must ensure that deportees are protected from danger when they return to their home countries.

Protect Central American refugees from brutal violence

To the governments of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador 

We are calling you to:

  • Protect your people from violence.
  • Assume central responsibility for the protection of deportees using the resources required given the demand caused by the increase in numbers of deportees.
  • Identify deportees-at-risk to provide them with specific protection given their particular needs
  • Ensure protection programmes for deported migrants take into consideration the rights and specific protection issues relating to groups such as women, indigenous people, LGBTI people and unaccompanied children.
  • Assess individual cases for re-admission asylum procedures.