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Right now, record numbers of people worldwide have been forced to flee their homes.

But instead of showing true leadership and protecting refugees, most countries are slamming their doors shut. Join our I Welcome campaign addressing the global refugee crisis.


Tell President Trump: his new Executive Order is discriminatory and will harm some of the world’s most vulnerable refugees

President Trump’s new Executive Order, signed on 6 March, reinstates harmful measures that discriminate against nationals, including refugees, from six Muslim-majority countries. It also temporarily stops refugees from any countries from resettling in the US.

Just hours before President Trump’s new Executive Order was meant to come into effect, a ruling by a federal judge in Hawaii effectively blocked the travel ban and stopped the Executive Order’s suspension of the refugee resettlement programme. It was followed by a second ruling by a federal judge in the state of Maryland which temporarily stops the travel ban.

The temporary restraining orders issued by the courts are a small but important victory - but until the Executive Order is revoked, the risks to refugee resettlement in the US remain.

We’ll continue to resist the Executive order, just like we did last time.

Email President Trump now and tell him that the US government must revoke this discriminatory Executive Order.

It is time to call on the President to stop abusing his power, to uphold the US’s commitments to the world’s most vulnerable refugees and to end the discriminatory travel ban. Show the President that there is a massive groundswell of global support for refugees and against discrimination.

Join us by taking action now.