Ivanka: Tell your dad to stop putting children In jail. #ShutDownBerks

Ivanka Trump, daughter of the President of the United States, has been campaigning for her father to commit to support children and their mothers living in the country. But what about the ones who are spending months, sometimes years, behind bars in Berks County, Pennsylvania, in Berks County Residential Center - known as the “baby jail”? They fled violence and persecution in countries like Honduras, dreaming of safety in the US.

Now these children are being detained, some for half their lives, learning to walk behind bars. We’re asking Ivanka Trump to show compassion, and tell her father to #ShutDownBerks

Tell Ivanka Trump to shut down Berks - sign the petition:

Dear Ivanka Trump,

I think we should shut down Berks because...

You have repeatedly emphasized your commitment to supporting children and their mothers. I urge you to turn your attention to the Berks County Residential Center. There are about 60 women and children there. They’ve fled violence and danger from countries like Honduras, desperately seeking safety in the US. Instead, they’re being jailed, in shocking conditions.

Please show the children and mothers held at Berks the same compassion you spoke about on the campaign trail. The Trump administration should end the cruel policy of holding children and mothers in jail, simply for seeking refuge and safety in the US. I urge you to ensure this “baby jail” is shut down.