Tell Canada to honour the rights of Indigenous Peoples

Right now, Canada is breaking its promises to honour the rights of Indigenous People and losing the opportunity to set a positive example for the international community.

More than 600 First Nations and Inuit communities don’t have any shelters or emergency housing for women. What’s more, 58 out of 60 Indigenous languages in Canada are considered endangered.

The Canadian government urgently needs to uphold the UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, as it promised. The Declaration is key for resolving the massive inequalities and injustices that Indigenous People face around the world. It was adopted by the UN 10 years ago, and sets out minimum standards for the “survival, dignity and well-being” of some of the world's most marginalized and impoverished peoples.

If the Canadian government keeps its promise, it will make a dramatic difference for Indigenous peoples in Canada – First Nations, Inuit and Métis – who face daily hardships and the erosion of their culture and traditions, because the government makes decisions that ignore or deny their rights.

But unfortunately, the Canadian government has failed to keep it’s promise and uphold the declaration through its laws and policies. The government has even approved construction projects that will prevent indigenous communities from practicing their cultures and traditions on their own land.

Urge the Minister of Justice to fulfil Canada’s promise to uphold the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.