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Tell Amazon to let workers unionize

Amazon is targeting and intimidating workers who are asking for better, safer working conditions. Email Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos, and tell him to respect workers’ rights.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Amazon’s profits have soared, with CEO, Jeff Bezos, becoming the world’s richest person. At the same time,COVID-19 brings new risk to those working in enclosed spaces and Amazon workers have struggled to get safe working conditions.

It’s your human right to join a union. Unions are vital - helping workers to negotiate with employers over wages, hours, and other working conditions. Unions have been critical in protecting the human rights of Amazon’s workforce, especially during this pandemic.

But allegations are mounting that Amazon has been squashing workers’ attempts to unionise in several countries. Allegations include the company monitoring and analysing workers’ private Facebook groups - a claim they haven’t denied. There is also evidence that Amazon spent thousands of dollars on an invasive new technology system to spy on workers. Some workers who have raised concerns about poor working conditions during COVID-19 have faced disciplinary action or have been fired.

International human rights law is clear. Everyone has the right to form and join a union.

Show your support for Amazon workers. Jeff Bezos says he personally reads the emails in this inbox – send him an email today telling him that workers’ rights are human rights! We’ll also send your email to Amazon’s board members.