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End the violent crackdown on protesters in Sudan

At least 45 have been killed, hundreds injured, and thousands arrested in a government crackdown on peaceful protesters.

Doctors, journalists, teachers and other professionals and activists have taken to the streets as part of the largest wave of protests since President Omar al-Bashir came to power 30 years ago.  It started with demands for an end to the economic crisis that led to high food prices and a shortage of cash.  

The authorities have responded with excessive force since the protests began in December 2018. They have fired live rounds and tear gas at crowds of protesters. Even the injured have been attacked in hospitals while receiving treatment.

There are fears that the excessive use of force will further escalate after President Bashir issued a “state of emergency” and give security forces sweeping powers to arrest people, raid buildings and restrict movement.

Peaceful protest is a human right. Call on the Sudanese government  to end the violent crackdown on protesters and instead address their legitimate grievances.