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Stop attacks on protesters in Sudan

Rapid Support Forces are attacking and killing peaceful protesters – take action and stop the military crackdown.

The people of Sudan risked their lives and safety to demand a better country. Protesters bravely fought for change calling for freedom, peace and justice, and in April this year, President Omar al-Bashir was ousted from government.

But the people of Sudan had little time to celebrate. The paramilitary forces implicated in human rights violations in Darfur are now leading the brutal crackdown on the peaceful protesters asking for a civilian leadership.

Since the beginning of June, there have been reports that security forces are using live ammunition on protesters. Bodies have been dumped in the River Nile. There are clear signs that the internet and social media are being blocked.

The African Union have already suspended Sudan, and the Prime Minister of Ethiopia met with Sudan’s military leaders - the Transitional Military Council -  on 7 June 2019. With enough pressure, we can ensure that the voices of the Sudanese people are heard in any mediation.

Take action and send an email to the Prime Minister of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed

Demand that Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed put pressure on the Transitional Military Council to immediately withdraw the Rapid Support Forces from any policing and law enforcement operations, especially in Khartoum, and confine them to their barracks for public safety.

Stand in solidarity with the people in Sudan #WeAreAllSudan #EncampRSF