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Military attacks on the public amount to war crimes

Government forces in Sudan have committed war crimes in South Kordofan by attacking people, using indiscriminate weapons and denying people humanitarian assistance.

People in South Kordofan are experiencing widespread human rights abuses and systematic violations including the rights to life, healthcare, education, food, safe water and adequate housing. With bombs landing in schools and hospitals the people of South Kordofan cannot get education for their children or access to adequate health care. Having been reduced to living in caves and rock crevices or hiding in foxholes to shield themselves from aerial bombardments, they also face a serious food crisis. Meanwhile, the Sudan government has cut the region off from urgently needed humanitarian assistance. All these amount to war crimes.

The people of South Kordofan wonder if the world has forgotten them and whether they matter. Amnesty International stands with them and is calling on the parties to the conflict namely the Sudan government and the SPLM-N, and urging other governments working through both the African Union and the United Nations to take immediate steps to end the attacks directed at the South Kordofan people and other serious violations of human rights, including targeted and indiscriminate attacks. The Sudan government should also allow humanitarian relief to reach the people freely.

Specifically, we are calling on the Government of Sudan to stop targeting civilians in the ongoing conflict.

Tell the Government of Sudan that South Kordofan people matter. Tell President Omar Al Bashir to immediately end all attacks directed at the public and non - military objects, as well as all indiscriminate aerial bombardment and other indiscriminate attacks in South Kordofan.

Add your voice to our call. Tell President Bashir to stop killing his people in South Kordofan.

Dear President Omar Al Bashir,

As the conflict in South Kordofan enters its fifth year, the intensive aerial bombardment campaign by your government and the subsequent suffering imposed on the people of South Kordofan continues. Last year, you pledged your commitment to ensure humanitarian access to opposition controlled areas of South Kordofan. However we have seen a continued humanitarian crisis in these areas. Further, efforts by the international community to get your government to stop aerial bombardments allow unfettered humanitarian access and to investigate allegations of grave human rights violations and abuses in South Kordofan have been slow and inadequate. Attempts to facilitate dialogue between your government and the SPLA-N to help find a comprehensive and sustainable solution to the crisis have so far failed.
I therefore urge you and your government to:

  • immediately end all attacks directed at civilians and civilian objects, as well as all indiscriminate aerial bombardment and other indiscriminate attacks in (SPLA-N controlled areas) South Kordofan;
  • allow unrestricted, independent humanitarian access to all areas of South Kordofan to provide food, health services, support to the education system and other humanitarian assistance to civilians affected by the conflict including life-saving vaccinations and essential medicines for all children;
  • launch prompt, independent, impartial and effective investigations into all violations of international human rights and humanitarian law to bring those suspected of criminal responsibility before civilian courts in fair trials without recourse to the death penalty.
    People in South Kordofan are Sudanese too. They matter. Time to end their suffering is now, please make the choice to end it.

Yours sincerely,