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Protect the rights of people in Hong Kong

The people of Hong Kong have bravely resisted the proposed bill that could expose them to abuse from China, even in the face of a violent crackdown. Support the campaign to keep their rights.

The proposed changes of the extradition bill if enacted, would essentially allow the handover of persons in the territory of Hong Kong to mainland China. It would extend the power of the mainland authorities to target critics, human rights defenders, journalists, NGO workers and anyone else in Hong Kong.

Mainland China’s justice system has a record of torture, serious violations of fair trial rights, enforced disappearances and various systems of incommunicado detention without trial.   

Over a period of two weeks starting on the 9th June, over a million people came out in protest. The government refused to withdraw the bill, and their response was to crack down on protests with excessive police violence.

Police used tear gas and pepper spray, and in some instances, guns firing bean bags and rubber bullets in a largely peaceful protest on 12 June. The government reported that there were 81 casualties related to the protest activities - our research has shown that police violence violated international human rights law and standards.

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The government has suspended the legislation process, but the bill has not been withdrawn and could be brought forward again at any moment.

Demand that the Hong Kong government immediately withdraw the extradition law amendments, ensure the right to freedom of peaceful assembly and allow an independent, impartial, effective and prompt investigation into the use of force by Hong Kong police against protesters. 


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