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Protect the rights of people in Hong Kong

People in Hong Kong are facing violent restrictions on their rights to peaceful assembly. An independent investigation into the use of force by police is a necessary step. Write to the government and demand they respect and protect the rights of people in Hong Kong now.

Since March 2019, millions of people came out in to against the extradition bill proposed by the Hong Kong government – and since then the bill has been withdrawn. But the people of Hong Kong face ongoing threats to their rights to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression, and unlawful use of force by police goes unpunished.

Our researchers have documented unnecessary and excessive use of force, including tear gas, batons and other less-lethal weapons, used by police against the largely peaceful protesters; using vague charges to arrest and prosecute peaceful protesters; retaliatory violence against arrested persons in custody; and police’s lack of response when protesters were facing violent attacks by counter-protesters and other people.

With these allegations of widespread and systematic human rights violations, it is essential for the Hong Kong authorities to launch a fully independent and effective investigation into the use of force by police during the protests. An independent commission of inquiry with adequate resources and investigative powers is an essential step for establishing accountability and delivering justice. Its recommendations can prevent the same situation from reoccurring and break the cycle of violence in the streets.

Write a message and demand that the rights of the people of Hong Kong are respected

Demand that the Hong Kong government immediately take necessary measures to establish a fully independent mechanism mandated to effectively conduct investigations into inappropriate use of force or other abuse by police, as well as respect and ensure the rights to freedom of expression, association and peaceful assembly.

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