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Stop the return of the death penalty in the Philippines

The Philippine government is trying to bring back the death penalty It’s now at the stage where the Senate can approve it - or, they can oppose it. They have the power to stop the death penalty being reintroduced. But we must act now and put as much pressure as possible on them to vote against bringing it back.

President Duterte has made it clear since he came into office earlier this year: he is happy to use violence to preserve social order and fight crime. And his government is quickly following his lead.

In March, a Bill to reintroduce the death penalty for some drug-related offences was adopted by the House of Representatives. Now, another Bill is going to the Senate for them to discuss and vote on in May – and it aims to bring back the death penalty for many more offences.

Time is running out. We haven't got long to stop lawmakers reintroducing the death penalty in the Philippines.

Not only is the death penalty cruel, inhumane and mostly affects those living in poverty - it doesn’t even work as an effective way to deter people from committing crime, so it has no worth.

Help stop the death penalty returning to the Philippines. Act now and send an email to all members of the Philippine Senate voting on the bill over the coming weeks. Call on them to put an end to this ultimately inhuman, cruel and degrading punishment.