Tell the US Government: Saving lives is not a crime

As US immigration policies cause death and destruction, there are people who are trying to save lives. Let’s protect them and champion humanity.

The father and daughter who tragically died trying to enter the US through Mexico, the children being held detention facilities, sleeping on concrete floors, with no access to education. These events tell the story of the US immigration policies that are destroying lives.

But there is another story, one where individuals are risking everything to make sure that people don’t die because of their government’s policies – even if this means they could end up in prison.

These brave people are protecting the rights of others trying to enter the US. In return, they have been interrogated, detained, and harassed by the government. So far this year, the US government has prosecuted nine people who put water and food in the border region desert for migrants. One of these people is Dr. Scott Warren, who faced up to 10 years in prison before he was found innocent by a jury of his peers.

This hasn’t stopped the US government from harassing other human rights defenders -- after Dr. Warren was exonerated, US government officials declared that they would continue to prosecute people like Dr. Warren. We need to take action now! These actions by the US government have escalated to a politically motivated and unlawful campaign against human rights defenders who are doing necessary and life-saving work. We have a chance to choose humanity and join those who are trying to prevent the damage caused by the US government.

Take action and send an email to US Attorney General William Barr. Demand protection for the rights of brave human rights defenders like Scott Warren so that they can protect and save lives at the USA – Mexico border.