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Tell FIFA and sponsors to stop World Cup exploitation

Amnesty International has exposed exploitation of migrant workers building Khalifa International Stadium: a ground slated to host a World Cup semi-final in 2022.

Despite promising to improve protections, Qatar has failed to adequately reform its exploitative migrant labour system. Migrant workers need their employer’s consent to leave the country and change jobs. Bosses’ excessive control over their workers’ lives puts workers at risk of exploitation, and sometimes even forced labour.

FIFA has a responsibility to make sure the 2022 World Cup is not built on abuse. When it awarded its showcase tournament to Qatar, it knew, or ought to have known, that most construction work in Qatar involves migrant workers and that migrant workers were subjected to serious and systemic labour exploitation.

World Cup stadium construction will increase dramatically in the next two years and is expected to peak in mid-2017. If FIFA does not act, every woman, man and child who visits Qatar to see the 2022 World Cup is likely to directly encounter migrant workers – in hotels, sports venues, shops – whose human rights have been abused.

If FIFA’s new President Gianni Infantino wants to end the body’s shocking indifference to the appalling treatment of migrant workers, he and FIFA must publicly call for urgent and fundamental reforms to protect migrant workers in Qatar.

Tell FIFA and their sponsors: act now to ensure the 2022 World Cup is not built on exploitation and misery.

Amnesty International is calling on major World Cup sponsors like Adidas, Coca-Cola and McDonald’s to pressure FIFA to address the exploitation of workers on Khalifa stadium, and disclose its plan for preventing further abuses in World Cup projects.

  • FIFA should push Qatar to publish a comprehensive reform plan before World Cup construction peaks in mid-2017.
  • FIFA itself should carry out, and publish, its own regular independent inspections of labour conditions in Qatar