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Stop extrajudicial executions in the Philippines

Right now, alleged drug offenders in the Philippines are being killed unlawfully.

Since President Duterte came to power, there have been over 7000 state-sponsored killings in his anti-drug campaign. There have also been many cases where alleged drug users have been killed in police custody or in police operations. In some cases, police officers have even colluded with paid killers and killed for financial incentives.

The victims of these efforts have mainly been poor, young men. The ‘war on drugs’, in effect, is a war on the poor. In some cases, families of killed victims have had to suffer through police theft and planting of evidence.

Meanwhile, the President has defended his anti-drugs campaign and extended it until 2022. And not a single police officer has been prosecuted or dismissed from duty in relation to killings during police drug operations.
Investigations are either non-existent or weak, making any effort made by the families of victims to bring their case to court futile. Most families fear reprisal, and so do not come forward to seek justice.

Email the National Bureau of Investigations in the Philippines demanding that they investigate extrajudicial executions.