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Close Australia’s hidden detention camps

After over five years, it’s time for Australian politicians to stop punishing people for seeking safety. 

Joinul has been forced to survive on Manus Island for five years. He can’t access education, or proper medical care, and he risks violent attacks from the local population.

Joinul left Bangladesh because he didn’t feel safe, but when he travelled to Australia to find protection, he was stopped and taken to Manus Island in Papua New Guinea, and has been forced to stay there ever since.

Right now, thousands of people who had sought Australia’s protection are living in remote Pacific islands in Australian-run detention camps. Many of the people detained in Papua New Guinea and the remote island nation of Nauru suffer from depression, anxiety or PTSD and there have been cases of suicide and self-harmInstead of condemning these camps, European and other countries are watching with interest.

Sign the petition and show Australian politicians that we know what is happening, and we won’t let it become normal.

We are now at a crossroads. Soon, we may see a world where instead of being protected and supported, people looking for safety in other countries may be hidden away and punished, at risk of being forgotten.

Australian politicians live their lives without ever having to face the people trapped on these islands. With enough signatures, we can make sure your voice is heard and tell the politicians of Australia that this cannot be allowed to happen, and we won’t wait another five years for it to end.

Please sign the petition now