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Demand an end to cruel refugee detention centres

People seeking asylum in Australia are not being protected, they are being punished, and it needs to end now

Joinul left Bangladesh because he didn’t feel safe in his country. He travelled to Australia to find protection, but instead has been trapped on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea (PNG) for five years. He faces violence and threats from the local population, and is stuck without any idea when or whether he will be able to leave.

“It’s a very dangerous place, I have nowhere to go”

Joinul is one of thousands of people who are currently living through the horrors of Australia’s cruel system of offshore processing designed to punish refugees and people seeking asylum. Those who have attempted to reach Australia by boat (some of whom are children) are stopped before they reach land and are sent to Manus Island or the Island country of Nauru where they might be stuck for years.

On Manus Island, the people who have been trapped on the island are being denied access to proper education and healthcare. Most of the people in the centres in Manus are suffering from depression, anxiety or PTSD and there have been incidents of suicide and self-harm. This is neither a safe nor a sustainable location for settling refugees.  

Australia’s offshore processing regime is deliberately abusive and it needs to stop now. Australia must put an end to this system, and PNG must protect those on Manus Island from harm.

Help put a stop to this inhumane system that is punishing people for trying to find a protection. Sign the petition and demand that the Australian and PNG Government:

  • Immediately transfer all asylum seekers and refugees trapped on Manus and Nauru to Australia or another safe country
  • Ensure that all those granted refugee status have the right to settle in Australia or another country
  • Stop any actions or policies that put refugees on Manus Island or Nauru at risk of further harm
  • Ensure adequate medical care for all refugees and asylum seekers suffering injuries and trauma
  • Urge the Papua New Guinean authorities to open an independent, impartial investigation into the deaths of refugees on Manus Island, and into  reported attacks

The refugees and other vulnerable people who are trapped because of Australia’s refugee policy should not be punished, they should be protected. Demand an end to these offshore centres now.