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Close Australia’s hidden detention camps

Right now, of people who had sought Australia’s protection are trapped on Australian-run detention camps in an escalating health crisis that can no longer be ignored.

They are trapped on the Island of Manus in Papua New Guinea and the remote island nation of Nauru without being allowed to leave, without access proper medical care or an education.

Many of the people trapped suffer from depression, anxiety or PTSD and there have been more and more cases of suicide and self-harm.

The heath charity MSF were treating people who needed medical care on Nauru. Just a few weeks ago they were suddenly asked to leave. Since then 11 children had to be evacuated for medical treatment.   

The situation is now critical, in September this year, more refugees and asylum-seekers had to be medically evacuated from Nauru to Australia than in the past two years combined. Without the medical support provided by MSF those trapped on the Island are even more at risk.

Sign the petition and show Australian politicians that we know what is happening, and we won’t let it become normal.

Australian politicians live their lives without ever having to face the people trapped on these islands. We will be handing this petition into the Australian authorities in November, please sign and share now.