Tell refugee women that they are not alone

Thousands of refugee women and girls undertake extremely difficult journeys, fleeing persecution and conflict. They hope to reach safety in Europe. Instead, the fear and uncertainty continue.  

The images of her son shaking and throwing up will never leave Soraya, a mother of three from Afghanistan. They were cramped together with dozens of others on a small boat, risking their lives to cross the Aegean Sea:  

“Always I say bravo to myself for passing that sea, because I wanted to make a better future for my children.”   

But for many, such dreams are often shattered on arrival in Greece. Many find themselves months on end in overcrowded refugee camps where living conditions are dire. Sewage seeps into the tents, food is scarce, and rats and mice are common.  

Some camps have become extremely dangerous places, especially for women. Even going to the toilet can put you at risk of sexual harassment and abuse.  

But despite having lived through horrendous ordeals, refugee women in Greece are still trying to rebuild their lives and keep their families safe. Soraya’s demand to be heard reflects the wishes of many refugee women: 

“I want to decide about my future.” 

Those in power should listen to the voices of these women and act on their words. They need a safe place to live, access to healthcare and legal aid, and they need female interpreters so they can talk freely about sensitive issues. 

When life is tough, support from others is crucial. Let’s show refugee women in Greece that we stand with them and support them in their struggle for a safe future. 

Help strengthen their voices by adding yours - send your message of solidarity now. We will make sure these inspiring women receive it.