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Stand with the people in Turkey

The Turkish authorities have not renewed the ongoing ‘State of Emergency’, a regime that has given them license to rule with dangerous, unchecked power. This is an opportunity for the new government to free people in Turkey from the cruel repression they have faced since 2016. Together, we can make sure this becomes a reality.

The Turkish government has abused the ‘State of Emergency’ measures to jail human rights defenders, journalists, lawyers and academics and close hundreds of NGOs. Because the courts are no longer independent, people can’t trust them to achieve justice.

Despite this crackdown, many of Turkey’s people have refused to be silenced. Students are holding Pride events under the shadow of a ban and threat of police violence. Journalists continue to write the truth, despite hundreds of them being jailed. Human rights defenders risk their lives by speaking out – sometimes ending up in Turkey’s high security prisons, such as Taner Kılıç, Amnesty Turkey’s honorary Chair, who has been in jail for over a year.    

Now, we are on the brink of change.

As the new Turkish government settles in following the recent elections, show them that the world is watching. Sign the petition and demand that they immediately take these five steps to make sure human rights are upheld in Turkey:

  1. Repeal the emergency measures that have been abused to stifle people’s freedom, in the name of ‘national security’.
  2. Immediately release Taner Kılıç, and other imprisoned human rights defenders, journalists and all those who have been jailed on baseless charges.
  3. Ensure people can gather and protest lawfully and without fear, including by lifting the numerous bans on LGBTI events across the country.
  4. Ensure all public sector workers who were arbitrarily fired from their jobs during the State of Emergency can meaningfully appeal and are allowed back to work and immediately reinstate those found innocent of any wrongdoing.
  5. Allow human rights organizations and media outlets that were arbitrarily closed to reopen and give back their confiscated possessions.