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Speak out for people in Turkey

Back in 2016, the Turkish government established a ‘state of emergency’. It was meant to protect the people after a bloody coup attempt - but instead, it gave the government the ability to rule the country with dangerous, unchecked power.

People in Turkey are now living in a climate of fear and intimidation, where the government that should be protecting them is violating their rights.

The government uses their power to silence and jail human rights defenders, journalists, lawyers and academics. In practice, crushing anyone who might stand up to them and defend the public interest against state power. This is a deliberate tactic, designed to intimidate and silence those who question the government’s actions.

But millions of people just like you are speaking out for the people in Turkey and will not be silenced: together our voices are strong, and we can demand an end to the government’s climate of fear.

Hundreds of NGOs have been permanently closed, depriving those that need them of vital support – among them are LGBTI people, women survivors of violence, children and refugees. The legal system is broken. People don’t trust the courts anymore, because they are not free and independent.

People in Turkey must have the freedom to speak out, discuss issues that matter to them, and to defend human rights without fear. They must be able to live in a society that is fair and safe for everyone.

Sign up to support this campaign and we will take it to world leaders, to show them that they cannot keep doing ‘business as usual’ with Turkey. Together we can show the Turkish government that the world is watching, and show human rights defenders in the country that they are not alone.

Add your voice and together, let’s make some noise.