Stop Erdoğan's attack on human rights

Since a violent coup attempt in 2016 the Turkish government has unleashed an appalling crackdown on human rights defenders, journalists, lawyers, academics and many others seen as opponents.

Many of the abusive emergency decrees put into place after the coup attempt have now been made permanent. These include extraordinary powers to arbitrarily dismiss judges and other public officials, restrict people’s travel within Turkey, ban public assemblies, and empower police to hold suspects for extended periods without charge.

Those on the frontline of defending human rights have faced great personal cost, but there is also hope. This summer defiant LGBTI activists and allies took to the streets in Istanbul for Pride, despite a citywide ban. In August, Amnesty Turkey’s Taner Kilic was released on bail after spending over 14 months imprisoned simply for doing his job as a refugee rights lawyer.

As Turkey faces both political and economic uncertainty, a strong civil society, a free press and an independent judiciary is more important than ever.

President ’s government must not be allowed to continue this destruction of human rights. Sign the petition to demand that President Erdoğan take the following steps to end human rights abuses in the name of ‘national security’ in Turkey:

     1.   Repeal abusive laws that go beyond legitimate measures to combat threats to national security

     2.   Release human rights defenders, journalists and others jailed on baseless charges.

     3.   Ensure people can gather and protest lawfully and without fear.

     4.   Guarantee meaningful appeals for dismissed public-sector workers, reinstate those found innocent.

     5.   Allow the arbitrarily closed human rights organizations and media outlets to reopen and give back their confiscated possessions.