Speak out for women’s rights defender Azza Soliman

Every day, Azza Soliman risks her own safety and freedom to defend survivors of abuse in Egypt.

Azza bravely speaks out for victims of torture, arbitrary detention, domestic abuse, and rape. She co-founded the centre for Egyptian women's legal assistance and later Lawyers for Justice and Peace to give much-needed legal aid, support, and literacy lessons for women in poverty and survivors of abuse.

Because of their courageous and selfless work, Azza and other Egyptian Human Rights Defenders have been labelled as spies and national security threats. They have been targeted with smear campaigns and government surveillance - and security forces and pro-government media constantly harass them. Many of them face up to life in prison, as a result of the politically motivated court case known as ‘Case 173’.

Recently, Azza was arrested and interrogated. She now faces charges such as slandering Egypt’s image by claiming that women in the country face rape. She has been banned from travel, her assets have been frozen - and she could face time in prison.

Stand with the brave: sign the petition to get all charges against Azza and Egyptian human rights defenders immediately and unconditionally dropped, and travel bans and asset freezes issued against them revoked.

We will collect your signatures and hand them into the President of Egypt.

Campaign Closed

Thank you for your support. This action is now closed, but there are many other people that urgently need your help.
Each year, millions of people like you take action, standing up against human rights abuses all over the world.
When we unite in solidarity, compassion and respect, our actions are powerful. Thank you.

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