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Show solidarity with refugees like Basel

Basel Tabarnen a barber from Syria, was living at the Nea Kavala camp in northern Greece until October/November.

He is 45 years old and has two sons and four daughters. The youngest was born in the camp. 

Basel moved to Athens in October/November because it was too cold for his family to stay in the camp. He had to hold his baby in his hands to keep her warm.  He managed to save some money from working as a barber and they are staying in an apartment. 

He would like to go to Sweden as he has a daughter there already, but he is willing to be relocated anywhere.

Basel says the waiting is unbearable. He is also concerned about other friends whose relocation could take months. 

It is very bad life. We are human, we cannot live as animals. I’m a human being, I have feelings.

You can send a personalised message of support to Basel by completing the email form. You may wish to include: 

  • What touched you about his story
  • What qualities Basel has that have inspired you
  • Anything you are doing to support and welcome refugees