Show Taner Kılıç that he is not alone

Our dear friend, human rights defender and Honorary Chair of Amnesty Turkey Taner Kılıç, has been in jail since June 2017. He is on trial on baseless charges when he hasn’t done anything wrong.

Taner is one of the many human rights defenders in Turkey that the government is trying to silence.

For an innocent person, being deprived of their freedom for a single day is too long, yet Taner has been locked up for over a year. Turkish authorities are keeping Taner unfairly away from his family, friends, colleagues and his work. He must get his freedom back.

Now it’s time to show our solidarity with Taner, let him know that we continue to stand with him and will not rest until he is free.

Writing a message takes seconds. Please include your thoughts and feelings into your message, and let Taner know that he is not alone.