Saudi Arabia: Free jailed activists

In Saudi Arabia, human rights violations are legitimized through the ‘Specialized Criminal Court’.

The government of Saudi Arabia is trying to improve its image, investing millions of dollars in a public relations campaign so that countries and businesses in the EU and the USA will help it realize its 2030 economic vision. But this public relations campaign is masking a government campaign of repression, intolerance and human rights violations in Saudi Arabia, and many of these violations are legitimized through the deeply instrumentalized ‘Specialized Criminal Court’.

Our research shows that through this court peaceful activists, religious clerics, and members of the Shi’a minority are often unfairly tried, given lengthy prison sentences, and even sentenced to death based on “confessions” extracted under torture. Several have been executed. This court is the government’s tool for muzzling critical voices in Saudi Arabia.

In November 2020 Saudi Arabia will host the G20 Leaders’ Summit in Riyadh, where the wealthiest and most powerful countries come together to address global issues. This is an opportunity to increase the pressure on King Salman and the Saudi government to undertake meaningful human rights reforms, not just a PR campaign. If enough people act to show their support of Saudi heroes being prosecuted by the government, the King will have to listen.

Sign the petition and demand that the King of Saudi Arabia, King Salman immediately and unconditionally releases all those who have been imprisoned for peacefully protesting.

The past two years have seen an unprecedented crackdown on Saudi activists, and this court acts to legitimize this oppression. Now is our chance to put pressure on King Salman to end grave human rights violations. Take action now.