Demand the immediate release of gay human rights activist Ali Feruz 

Human rights activist Ali Feruz has committed no crime. However, he was arrested, beaten and ill-treated, and he risks to stay in detention for months or years.    

AliFeruzis an openly gay human rights activist and a journalist for the independent Novaya Gazeta newspaper in Russia.HefledUzbekistan in 2008 after he was arrested and tortured by security forces and eventually came to Russia in 2011.The Russian authorities repeatedly refused Ali refugee status or temporary asylum,anddetained himon 1 August.According to Ali, he was beaten and ill-treated the same day during transfer from the court to detention center.A Russian appeal court suspended hisdeportation on 8 August, butruled to keepAliin detention. TheRussian authorities must immediately release AliFeruz and protect him from forcible return to Uzbekistan.  

Ali Feruz could stay in detention facility for months or years and he remains at risk of being forcibly returned to Uzbekistan. Sign the petition now calling on the Russian authorities to release Ali and protect him from forcible return to Uzbekistan.   

Your signatures will be collected and delivered to the Russian Minister of the Interior, VladimirKolokoltsev.Together, we can ensure Ali Feruz is released and protect him from forcible return to Uzbekistan.   

The Russian authorities must immediately release openly gay human rights activist Ali Feruz.