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Defend the brave: release Dr Mudawi Ibrahim Adam

Dr Mudawi bravely spoke up for families fleeing violence in Sudan, as well as on many other human rights issues. Because of this, he is now in prison and is facing the death penalty.

Dr Mudawi was arrested for his human rights work and held without charge for almost five months. He has now been charged with six offences, two of which are punishable by life imprisonment, or worse, death.

He is a Professor of Engineering at the University of Khartoum. He also founded and is the former director of the Sudan Social Development Organization. Dr Mudawi won the 2005 Human Rights First award and the 2005 Front Line Award for Human Rights Defenders at Risk, for fighting for the rights of others in Sudan.

Even though Dr Mudawi suffers from chronic respiratory and heart complications, he has only been allowed access to a doctor three times since his detention in December. He was only allowed to speak to his lawyer for the first time 77 days after he was imprisoned. 

Help defend the brave and sign the petition to release Dr Mudawi Ibrahim Adam.

We will hand in the signatures to the Sudanese government, demanding they release Dr Mudawi immediately and unconditionally, asking that they ensure he is not tortured or mistreated pending his release.