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Stop the crackdown on freedoms in Hong Kong

The Chinese authorities are proposing a security law in Hong Kong that could pose a grave danger for the rights of people in Hong Kong. Take action now and stop the national security law.

In 2019, the Hong Kong government dropped a controversial extradition bill after months of protest involving millions in Hong Kong. Now, the Chinese government is proposing a national security law that poses a grave risk to human rights in Hong Kong. China routinely targets human rights defenders and activists under the pretext of “national security”. In China that can often mean unfair trials, secret detention and no access to lawyers.

Since protests began last year, police have used unnecessary and excessive force to silence demonstrators. They have used tear gas and batons against the largely peaceful protesters and have arrested many on vague charges. Now, as people are forced once more to protest to protect everyone’s rights, they yet again have to face danger.

We are calling for the Chinese authorities to stop their plans to impose the national security law on Hong Kong. Until the authorities can ensure that the proposed legal changes would meet human rights law and standards in all aspects, this will remain our call.

In 2019, people power stopped the Hong Kong extradition bill. Now, people power is needed again to stop the new security law.

Help protect rights in Hong Kong and take action now.

In Hong Kong, the freedoms of expression, peaceful assembly and association and other human rights are more protected than in mainland China. Sign the petition urging Li Zhanshu, the chairperson of the Standing Committee of National People’s Congress of China, to protect human rights in Hong Kong.

Campaign Closed

Thank you to our supporters who took action in support of human rights in Hong Kong. Sadly on the 1 July China passed the national security law for Hong Kong amid protests across the city and numerous arrests.

We will keep fighting to protect human rights in Hong Kong. In the meantime please consider taking action on the other issues that need your support. 

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