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Protect journalists in Somalia

Somali journalists are being harassed and intimidated by both Al-Shabaab and the Somali government. Act now to protect their freedom

Since President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo took office in 2017 promising to respect freedom of expression, journalists in Somalia have continued to face threats and a restrictive environment.

Journalists reporting on issues the government considers ‘embarrassing’ are censored, and many have been arrested and detained without a warrant. Some have received death threats and had to flee the country. Somali authorities rarely investigate these kinds of violations, and when they do, they don’t prosecute anyone.

Somalia is due to hold elections at the end of 2020. Journalists must be able to report freely and without any harassment and intimidation – but instead, they face increasing danger.

Together we can press the government of Somalia to respect the right to free expression and let journalist do their work.

Demand an open safe environment for Somali journalists. Call on President Farmajo’s office to:

  • Publicly call on all government institutions to stop violations and abuses of people’s right to freedom of expression and media freedom and open press conferences to all independent journalists;
  • Thoroughly, impartially and effectively investigate abuses and attacks on journalists as well as the alleged bribery of media houses;
  • Publicly commit to respect, protect, promote and fulfill journalists’ right to freedom of expression before, during and after the Somali elections so they can carry out their work including reporting on sensitive issues in the public’s interest

Campaign Closed

On Word Press Freedom Day on 3rd May, the President of Somalia publicly committed to reform the parts of the penal code often used against journalists to decriminalize media and promised to support freedom expression.

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