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Protect ethnic communities from violence and abuse in Colombia

Ethnic communities and Human Rights Defenders are still suffering violence and abuses by armed groups, and it needs to stop now. 

Despite the signing of the Peace Agreement in November 2016, the armed conflict has intensified in some areas of Colombia

The violence is getting worse, as massive displacements, confinement of communities, land mines and selective killings of Human Rights Defenders are continuing to happen. This has left in its wake an appalling toll of victims – affecting especially members of Indigenous and Afro-descendant communities as well as Human Rights Defenders. 

The government needs to develop and implement urgent measures to guarantee the individual and collective protection of indigenous and Afro descendant territories in areas of armed conflict. 

If we pressure the government to act now we will help ensure that the Peace Agreement moves forward and that communities and HRDs are ensured their protection and participation in peace building efforts.

 Sign the petition and demand that the Colombian Government:

 Develop and implement urgent measures to guarantee the collective protection of indigenous and Afrodescendant collective territories in areas of armed conflict in Chocó, having as the main input consultation with their leaders and representative organizations.

  • Provide effective and timely protection measures community leaders and Human Rights Defenders assuring their participation throughout the process.
  • Move forward urgently with the implementation of the Peace Agreement especially with the items related to the rights of victims of conflict and ethnic communities

 All Colombians have a right to be protected against violence and abuse, sign and share now.


Campaign Closed

Thank you for your support.  This action is now closed, but there are many other people that urgently need your help. Each year, millions of people like you take action, standing up against human rights abuses all over the world. When we unite in solidarity, compassion and respect, our actions are powerful. Thank you.

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