Stand with the brave: keep Rodrigo Mundaca safe

Rodrigo and his fellow MODATIMA activists work to protect access to water in Chile. As a result of their courage, they have been threatened with violence and imprisonment.

Water is scarce in the Petorca Province of Chile, putting local communities at risk. Rodrigo Mundaca is part of MODATIMA, an organization that fights to protect access to water for local communities and expose its illegal extraction by politicians and businesses. Because of their brave work, some of these campaigners faced the risk of imprisonment in the past and are currently facing death threats and physical attacks.

But they refuse to give up, and continue to fight for the right to water - despite the challenges.

Rodrigo and his colleagues have fought tirelessly for the protection of others. Stand with the brave - demand that the Chilean government stops threatening them and starts protecting these human rights defenders.

Sign the petition and call on the Minister of Interior and Public Security, Mario Fernández Baeza, to investigate these death threats and provide human rights defenders with the security and protection they need.

Through this petition, your voice will help put pressure on the Minister of interior and Public safety to act to protect human rights defenders in Chile.

Campaign Closed


 Thank you.

55,000+ people took action.

Thanks to you, the authorities opened investigations into the threats and provided Rodrigo and MODATIMA with protection.

They now feel safer and able to carry out their work.

I feel Amnesty has saved my life’. Rodrigo Mundaca

 There are many other people that urgently need your help.

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