Defend prisoners left to suffer on death row in Benin

Fourteen people in Benin are still on death row, despite the fact that the Benin government has promised they will not be executed.

Even though the the country has made significant steps on the death penalty, these people remain in prison, in terrible conditions and unsure about their future. 

They have all been on death row for between 18 to 20 years.

The Constitutional Court has said that death sentences can no longer be imposed in Benin and the government says it’s committed not to execute these fourteen people: so they now need to commute their death sentences.

Call on the Benin government to now:

· Commute without delay the sentence of all people currently on death row in Benin to terms of imprisonment

· Ensure that all death row prisoners are treated in accordance with the internationally recognized standards for the treatment of prisoners, and in particular that they are provided with adequate food and medical care

· Ensure that national legislation is reviewed and reformed in order to abolish all provisions pertaining to the death penalty in all relevant laws, for all crimes.