Nigeria: demand justice with the Knifar women’s movement.

Abused by those that should have protected them; the Knifar women’s movement are survivors who are campaigning for justice.

In North-East Nigeria, many civilians spent years under the brutal rule of the armed group Boko Haram only to face violence and abuse by the Nigerian military.

After a military operation to re-capture territory from the armed group, many of the survivors of Boko Haram fled or were sent to displaced persons camps. In these camps women have been subjected to sexual violence and rape – often through demands for sex in exchange for food. Thousands have died for lack of food, water or healthcare.

Because men of ‘fighting age’ are often suspected of being from Boko Haram, thousands have been taken away by the military. This has caused families to be pulled apart, leaving women isolated and caring for families alone, and exacerbating the risk of abuse, hunger and even starvation.

Support the Knifar Movement and demand justice and freedom from abuse.

The Knifar Movement are a group of survivors that have organised to demand justice and be re-united with their families. Around 2,000 women have collected lists of names of people from their villages who have experienced abuse by the military.

Those in power cannot be allowed to abuse and attack – but the Nigerian military are getting away with it. Please support the Knifar women’s movement and add your name now.

Call on the Nigerian authorities to protect displaced women from sexual violence by the security forces.