Tell the Nigerian authorities to stop attacking Ja’afar

Ja’afar Ja’afar is an investigative journalist and editor in chief of Daily Nigerian, an online publication based in Abuja, Nigeria. On 14 and 15 October 2018, he published two videos relating to a serving Governor in one of the Nigeria’s northern states, which allegedly show the governor receiving bribes from contractors. This resulted in threats to his life and family.

The state authorities tried to bribe him and give whatever amount he proposed, but he stood his ground and refused to engage in negotiations.

This didn’t stop the authorities. They went further and requested that he testify before the state House of Assembly. During his testimony, a lot of hoodlums or outside the assembly house attacked some of the people who came in solidarity with him. On that day, they even manipulated school pupils and allowed them to come out and protest against him.

“It is very difficult to practice investigative Journalism in Nigeria. Despite the enabling laws you can’t request for some information and the agencies will start either refusing to respond to you with immediacy or refuse to even respond at all.” - Ja’afar Ja’afar

Ja’afar Ja’afar is not alone, neither are other journalists in Nigeria working under pressure. We must act together to show the authorities that the journalists in Nigeria must be allowed to work freely for the public good.

Sign the petition now and urge Kano State authorities to drop all charges against Ja’afar Ja’afar. Tell the Nigerian authorities that they must stop persecuting and harassing journalists.

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