Free the press in Nigeria

In Nigeria today, journalists are harassed, detained, tortured and killed for doing their job.

And they’ve had enough.

A free press makes for a free society. The work journalists do is crucial for everyone in Nigeria - and the law should never silence the truth.

We have worked with journalists and media workers from across Nigeria to write a manifesto calling on the government to ensure their freedom. Freedom to do their vital work and to serve the people.

They need your support to make the government listen.  Rise up with them and sign up to make Nigeria a free and open society.

  1. Ensure that media houses are allowed to operate independently and journalists in government owned media houses enjoy the right to freedom of expression and can carry out their job without fear of reprisals.  Furthermore, the government should protect the operation of independent media agencies and their journalistic freedom.
  2. Train and instruct the police and other security forces to protect journalists and other media professionals and refrain from harassing, intimidating, arbitrarily arresting journalists  and raiding media houses.
  3. Publicly acknowledge the important role of journalists in informing the public and promoting human rights and accountability of leaders in Nigeria