Stop the Nicaraguan government from forcing families from their homes

Thousands of people in Nicaragua could be removed from their homes at any minute because of plans to build a huge canal that will divide Nicaragua in two, and cross the most important freshwater source in Central America.

In 2013, the Nicaraguan Government signed a secret multi billion dollar deal with a private company based in Hong Kong. As part of this deal the government passed Law 840 that may lead to the forced eviction of thousands of people to make way for the canal and a number of related sub-projects. For thousands of families, this means having to forcibly abandon their land and way of living which are their basic form of survival. Congress passed the law without consulting those that would be affected. By doing this the Nicaraguan government violated national and international law.

But the communities are fighting back. Despite facing threats and harassment many of those affected have built a movement demanding that the law 840 be repealed.

If we act now, together we can support these groups in their fight to keep their homes. Sign the petition and call on the government to:

• Repeal Law 840 to comply with human rights standards and prevent forced evictions
• Guarantee genuine and effective consultation with all those likely to be affected by the construction of the canal.

We will deliver the petitions to the Nicaraguan government to add to the voices of those already fighting for their rights in Nicaragua.