Nancy and Esperanza have taken the only possible decision open to them: they are demanding justice for the murder of their daughters, Karla and Alondra.

Esperanza and Nancy, mothers of Karla and Alondra, do not know each other and have never set eyes on each other. However, these Mexican women have something in common: their daughters were victims of gender-based violence that ended in their deaths. Help them by signing this petition so that the killers of Karla and Alondra do not go unpunished.

Karla’s body was found dead at her workplace in 2012, killed by more than 35 serious wounds to her body. The authorities have conducted an inadequate investigation, mislaid evidence and have still not found the culprit.

Alondra had already complained to the Jalisco state prosecutor's office about violence inflicted by her ex-partner. Although the authorities issued a protection order for her, they did not take adequate measures to protect her. In 2017, Alondra, who was 20 at the time, was killed ten days after giving birth to her daughter.

Today, Esperanza and Nancy, join thousands of mothers throughout Latin America to ask for justice for their daughters, victims of femicide. 

Join us in demanding justice for Alondra and Karla. Sign this petition, which we will present to the authorities in Mexico calling on them to investigate these cases and punish those responsible.