Ecuador: call attorney general Salazar to protect the Amazonian women

Can you imagine risking your life and that of your family to do your job every day?

This is what it takes for Amazonian Women Patricia Gualinga, Nema Grefa, Salomé Aranda and Margoth Escobar to keep carrying out their mission: protecting the world’s largest rainforest. They defy huge political and economic interests linked to extractive industries in Indigenous territories. In 2018 unidentified attackers targeted them through a series of attacks and death threats. For more than one year, Ecuador’s authorities have failed to protect them and identify their attackers.

In Ecuador, dozens of Amazonian Women work together to defend the Amazon, home to hundreds of Indigenous communities, thousands of species and half of the world’s rainforests. Large-scale economic activities such as oil, mining and logging often pose a threat to the environment and people’s rights.

To carry out their work, they defy huge political and economic interests. In a country where attacks against them often go unpunished and where no authority can guarantee their safety, people like them will be forced to risk their lives every day to defend human rights and nature.

President Moreno and Attorney General Salazar can end to this situation and guarantee justice and protection for them and everyone else who defends human rights and the environment in Ecuador.

Despite impunity and threats, Amazonian Woman Patricia Gualinga assures they won’t give up: "We are united, and we will continue in our fight to defend Mother Earth"

Call Attorney General Salazar to guarantee justice and protection for them!