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Mexico: stop forcing people seeking asylum back to danger

Every year Mexico illegally turns away thousands of people coming from life threatening situations in Honduras, El Salvador and Venezuela and forces them back to danger. This practice is called refoulement and must end now.

Many of those affected are fleeing death threats, attacks, extreme violence or extortions and are forced to make the dangerous journey to seek protection in Mexico. When they arrive they are often given the wrong information by the Mexican National Institute of Migration (INM) about their rights to seek asylum in the country, and are sometimes turned back before they can even claim asylum.

People seeking asylum who face INM officials are sometimes mocked; the officials clearly don’t care about why they left their countries and push them back to a situation where death could be imminent. This is against the law in Mexico, and is against international law.

But there are stories that show us that this can change. Emilia sons and brother were killed in El Salvador but after being deported the first time, she finally found protection for her and her family and is living now safely in the state of Baja California.

Help make more stories of change happen for people seeking refuge in Mexico. Call on the Mexican authorities to stop sending back people whose lives are at risk.

Sign the petition and demand that the Commissioner of the National Institute of Migration urgently implement a review of screening processes implemented by the National Institute of Migration (INM). This review must have the aim of:

• Implementing a pro-active screening system that improves identification of potential asylum seekers within the first moments of contact with the INM;
• Ensuring irregular migrants who are apprehended and detained are properly informed of their right to seek asylum in Mexico;
• Ensuring their access to asylum procedures faces no obstacles;
• Curbing illegal practices of refoulement and ensure they are met with administrative sanction.