Tell Mexican authorities: Let people seek asylum

The caravan of people travelling through Mexico are not criminals. They only want to be safe.

Imagine you are in your home dressing your kids. You go outside. Someone pulls a gun on you, again. Your kids cry. You have a job - but you have to pay part of your salary to gangs if you want to live. There is no safe place and you are running out of options. This is the story for many of the families that have decided to leave everything they know and love and start walking north.

They are not criminals. They are mothers, fathers and children. They are human beings, like you, asking for asylum so they can live without fear.

Tell the Mexican authorities: don’t return people to a country where their safety and lives might be at risk, and stop detaining children that are looking for asylum.

All people coming from Central America have the right to claim asylum in Mexico. Your voice can make a difference.