Justice for Venezuela

“If we were in a free country my brother would not have been killed- His only 'crime' was thinking different.”

This is the fate of thousands of victims of the security forces who, under the command of Nicolás Maduro, have targeted those who took to the streets to demand a change in Venezuela.

Instead of seeking solutions to people’s suffering, authorities responded to protests by ordering the military and police onto the streets to repress and punish those who hold different views.

In just five days in January 2019, at least 49 people died in events surrounding the protests, all from gunshot wounds. More than 900 were arbitrarily detained; 770 arbitrary detentions were reported on 23 January alone.

Authorities under Nicolás Maduro carried out targeted extrajudicial executions of people who took part in the protests. They later described them as “criminals”, pretending they were killed in clashes with the authorities.

In Venezuela, there is no hope for victims’ truth to be known or justice to be made. It’s time for the UN to act and support them. We call on member states of the UN Human Rights Council to create a Commission of Inquiry into human rights violations and possible crimes against humanity in Venezuela at its next session.

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