Demand justice for the death of two young women in Nigeria

Two young women have been raped and killed in Nigeria in the space of five days. Their deaths are yet another example of horrific gender-based violence in the country, and sparked outcry on social media. Now, people are protesting rape and killings in the country. They demand justice for victims. Join their call now.    

Vera Uwaila Omosuwa, a 22-year-old microbiology student, was raped and brutally assaulted in a church near her home on 28 May. Uwa died a couple of days later from her injuries.

Another young student, Barakat Bello, 18-year-old, died on Monday 1 June. Barakat was reportedly raped during a robbery in her home. Her killers butchered her with machetes.

In Nigeria, women and girls are too often subjected to violence. Gender-based violence is an issue that needs to be urgently dealt with. Nigeria’s Minister of Women Affairs and Social Development, during the launch of the national sex offenders register in November 2019, estimated that every year two million women and girls are sexually assaulted in the country. However, only few are reported. When they are reported, too many cases of rape or femicide go unpunished, and perpetrators often escape justice or are not prosecuted.

Reporting to police, access to health care, legal aid or counseling are still extremely difficult for gender-based violence survivors in many states in Nigeria.

If we can ensure that justice is served in these cases, we could begin to imagine a future where gender-based violence is no longer accepted.

Take action now and call on Nigerian authorities to ensure that all responsible of the deaths of Uwa and Barakat are held accountable.

Join us to demand #JusticeForUwa and #JusticeForBarakat.