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Call for justice for human rights violations in Tunisia

Thousands of victims of human rights violations may be denied their right to truth and justice

On the 8th October 1991, Faysal Baraket, a 25 year old student of Tunis University was tortured to death in a police station for speaking up against police brutality. Over 25 years later Faysal’s brother, Jamal, is still fighting to bring his brother’s murderers to justice.

Faysal’s case is emblematic of the widespread torture and other ill-treatment that became a hallmark of President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali’s rule. He is one of over sixty thousands victims that entrusted their cases to the Truth and Justice Commission - set up to reveal the truth and achieve justice for human rights violations in Tunisia during the five past decades.

But recently, the Tunisian parliament voted against extending the mandate of the commission in charge of documenting, investigating and referring to justice gross violations as part of the transitional justice process. Without the extension, the Commission won’t be able to finish its work.

Send an email now to the Tunisian authorities and help keep the Commission alive.

We need to act now to support the justice for thousands of victims - Faysal’s brother Jamal is calling for ‘the wise people of this country to do everything in its power’ to grant Faysal and others like him justice'. Join him now.