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Urge Jordan to open the borders

After thousands of people were forced to flee air strikes and shelling in Daraa, Syria, the violence followed them to the border with Jordan, and now they are trapped in the desert.

On June 19, the Syrian government, supported by Russia, escalated attacks on densely populated villages and towns in Daraa, Syria’s southern province. More than 320,000 people were forced to leave after artillery shelling and air strikes targeted civilians and hospitals.

Fleeing death, tens of thousands are currently stuck in the searing heat of the desert, facing barbed wires and a closed border. On June 26, the Jordanian Prime Minister, Omar Razzaz, announced that Jordan will not allow any more people fleeing from Syria to enter.

Jordan’s border is their only gateway to safety. With it closed, tens of thousands of displaced people are trapped in the desert without enough food, water, medical care or sanitary services. They are at risk of being exposed to attacks by the Syrian government at any moment.

Jordanian citizens have taken to social media to demand that their government open its borders with the viral hashtag ,” افتحوا_الحدود”, meaning ‘open the borders’.

Add your voice to theirs. You can directly email the Jordanian Prime Minister Omar Razzaz – it takes seconds.

Urge Prime Minister Omar Razzaz to open Jordan’s borders to people fleeing the violence in Daraa and to humanitarian agencies ready to distribute aid.

Jordan has a duty to protect people fleeing conflict and persecution in Syria by allowing them to enter the country. While international support to Jordan as a major country hosting refugees has fallen short of the needs, closing the border to people in need of protection is not the solution.

Campaign Closed

Action Closed

Thank you for taking action in support of protecting civilians in Syria. Reports suggest that tens of thousands of internally displaced people have returned to their homes in southern Syria after the Syrian government gained control of the border crossing with Jordan. Amnesty International will continue to monitor the situation in southern Syria, and demand that all parties to the conflict commit to the protection of civilians.

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