Drop the investigation against the iuventa10

The iuventa10 is a group of volunteer rescuers built by captains, paramedics, firefighters, students, an astrophysicist and IT developers. They chose to be eyewitnesses, reporters, and to use their privilege to save lives in the Central Mediterranean. Now they risk 20 years in prison in Italy for rescuing over 14,000 people from drowning.

The iuventa10’s humanitarian work has been helping people and saving lives in danger, yet they are being criminalized for not letting people die in the sea. They risk facing up to 20 years in prison on baseless ‘people smuggling’ charges.

Despite the evidence, including Forensic Architecture’s report in 2018, showing that their work has been only saving lives, the investigation has continued over three years. Three years is far too long for people whose lives and work have been put in limbo due to the pending criminal trial.

“We are raising our voices on behalf of those less privileged, who continue to die every day as they try to reach safety. We could no longer stand by and watch people disappearing in the Mediterranean mass grave. It was, is and will remain the task of us all to save human lives wherever possible, to offer protection to those who need it, to treat everyone with dignity.” – A rescuer from iuventa10 said.

These absurd investigations will only contribute to deplete the sea from the very necessary rescue ships. Criminalizing help and rescue, and abandoning refugees and migrants are making the journeys deadlier and will cause many more deaths and suffering.

Take action now and stand with the iuventa10. Contribute to defend their freedom to help others, so that they can go back to rescue lives. Send an email now and call on the Italian Prosecutor in Trapani, Dr Brunella Sardoni, to drop this absurd investigation against the iuventa10.

Campaign Closed

Thank you for taking action. This action is no longer active, as the investigations have been closed

While 6 of the iuventa10 now face no charges, the Italian authorities are prosecuting the remaining 4 crew members. We will continue supporting the iuventa10 and defending that saving lives is not a crime.

You can express your solidarity with the crew and stay informed by following @iuventa10 on Twitter.


Key Facts

70.8 million

people have been forcibly displaced due to conflict, persecution or natural disasters.


of the countries hosting the largest number of refugees are in Sub-Saharan Africa

25.9 M

refugees globally


refugees need resettlement right now


of refugees are hosted by developing countries