Investigate killings of Congolese refugees by Rwandan police

Rwanda has failed to investigate the killings of least 12 Congolese refugees. Join us to demand accountability.

On 22 February 2018, Rwandan police officers shot live rounds at a crowd of hundreds of Congolese refugees who were protesting the reduction of humanitarian assistance at Kibiza Refugee Camp, where many of them have been living for over 22 years. At least 11 refugees were shot dead that day – eight in Karongi at the UNHCR field office and three in Kiziba.

At least 63 refugees were arrested and face charges in connection with the protests, ranging from ‘participating in and organizing illegal demonstrations’, ‘spreading false information with intent to create a hostile international opinion against the Rwandan government’, and ‘violence against public authorities’

A further refugee died following clashes with the police in Kiziba camp on 1 May.

In late February 2019, the National Commission for Human Rights published a report on the protests, finding that the police’s use of force was legal and appropriate. They made no recommendations for how the security forces could avoid such loss of life in future. Though dated May 2018, the report was only published after Amnesty International issued its findings.

You can speak out against this impunity and demand that the government hold the police to account for the killing of Congolese refugees in Rwanda.

Call on President Paul Kagame to initiate investigations into the killings and arbitrary arrests of Congolese refugees in Karongi and Kiziba refugee camp.